CEPA Strategy
- Update of 14 March 2011 – *


  • Within Europe, MEPA is establishing itself as a modern police training institution. It remains an organization of today’s eight MEPA member countries and acts as an international point of contact and coordination in the field of police training and further education measures.
  • MEPA cooperates and coordinates its activities with other police training and further education institutions to delimitate and optimize its training and further education services and to achieve synergy effects – without losing its independence. It concentrates its efforts on the following principles: flexibility, orientation of needs, and orientation towards practice.
  • MEPA is prepared to contribute to new foundations of police training and further education institutions by a know-how transfer of experiences. In addition, it aims to ensure a continuous exchange of experiences with other police training and further education institutions.
  • MEPA’s further education services and target groups are continuously being evaluated. MEPA is open to extensions of the contents of its training services. This way, present phenomena of crime will be dealt with in a flexible way.
  • MEPA opens itself up selectively to include further countries with regard to participation in seminars and courses. While doing so, the principles of MEPA have to be respected. Seminar participation by third country members requires approval of the Board of Directors.
  • The conduct of MEPA seminars in third countries is possible if approved by the Board of Directors, provided MEPA itself has an interest here.
  • The working language of MEPA in committees, courses, seminars and publications is German. Publications in other languages than German are possible. For seminars, further languages can be agreed in isolated cases and interpreters be employed if necessary.
  • MEPA ensures quality in accordance with standardized criteria.
  • The Central Coordination Office (ZKB) is supported in its work by the member states. MEPA examines which organizational measures should be taken to ensure and further optimize its functioning also in future.
  • The present way of regulating costs with regard to common financing such as in particular for MEPA’s journal, its homepage, MEPA book, other publications, cooperation with ZKB and individual procurements has proven to be efficient and will be maintained.
  • MEPA engages in internal and external public relations work. This is done through its homepage and various publications. If required, new instruments will be developed. Here new communication technologies such as MEPA-ONLINE play an important role. MEPA strives to achieve maximum quality. 
  • MEPA’s public relations work will be intensified to increase its popularity, acceptance and the effect of MEPA activities.


* Adopted at the MEPA Governing Board meeting in Vienna on 14 March 2011

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