The Central Coordination Office assists National Contact Points in accomplishing their appointed tasks.

The main tasks and responsibilities of central coordination office are as follows:  
  • organizing and scheduling coordination of activities
  • coordinating National Contact Points
  • executing the central coordination activities 
  • representing CEPA via-à-vis the other national and international institutions, organizations, authorities and other bodies
  • editing and publishing (with copyright) the publications offered for training and information, in cooperation with National Contact Points
  • public relations work
  • directing and managing the Editorial Committee 
  • preparing the sessions of the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees as well as the work of other different committee activities
  • coordinating and managing the activity of the national leaders of courses and seminars
Editorial committee assists the Central Coordination Office in the preparation of publications, such as CEPA Book, CEPA Journal, documentation for the seminars, learning brochures.

Editorial committee is composed by experts from the member countries and the head of the Central Coordination Office (the Head of Central Coordination Office is presiding too). 

The Central Coordination Office from Vienna stays in contact with CEPOL and  AEPC . In Vienna, will take also place all applications for the financial support of European Commission. 

The head of the Central Coordination Office of CEPA in Vienna  is Colonel Andreas Wolf. He is assisted by Johannes TOBER and Gerhard UNGER. 

Address and contact point of the Central Coordination Office is:

Federal Ministry of the Interior
Abteilung I/9 - Sicherheitsakademie
Herrengasse 7
A - 1010 Vienna
Tel: 0043 1 53126 4850

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