EUROPEAN POLICE COLLEGE CEPOL (College europien de police)

CEPOL was set up in 2001 within European Union as a network, by bringing together the national training institutes for senior police officers in the Member States including the applicant countries.

The aim of CEPOL is to train the senior police officers by the optimizing cooperation between CEPOL’s various component institutes. CEPOL supports and develops a European approach to the main problems facing Member States in the fight against crime, crime prevention and the maintenance of law and order and public security, in particular the cross-border dimension of these problems.

CEPOL’s objectives are following:
  • to increase knowledge of national police systems and structures of other Member States, of Europol and cross-border police cooperation within the European Union;
  • to strengthen knowledge of international instruments, in particular those which already exist at European Union level in the field of cooperation of combating crime;
  • to provide appropriate training with regard to respect for democratic safeguards with particular reference to the rights of defence.

In order to achieve those objectives, CEPOL will undertake the following actions:

  • provide training sessions, based on common standards, for senior police officers;
  • contribute to the preparation of harmonised programmes for the training of middle-ranking police officers in the field of cross- border cooperation between police forces in Europe, and help to set up appropriate advanced training programmes; develop and  provide training for trainers;
  • provide special training for police officers playing a key role in combating cross-border, with particular focused on organised crime; 
  • disseminate best practice and research findings;
  • develop and provide training to prepare police forces of the European Union for participation in non-military crisis management;
  • develop and provide training for police authorities from the States applying for membership of the European Union, including  training of police officers with a key role;
  • facilitate relevant exchanges and secondments of police officers in the context of training;
  • develop an electronic network to provide back-up for the CEPOL in the performance of its duties, ensuring that the necessary  security measures are put in place;
  • enable the senior police officers of the Member States to acquire relevant language skills.
CEPOL is a European agency since 1th of January 2006. It functions further as a network, linking national training institutes in the Member States, whose tasks include the training of senior police officers and which shall cooperate closely to that end.

CEPOL has separate legal personality. The secretariat is located in Bramshill/United Kingdom. The Director is Dr. Ferenc Banfi (Hungarian citizen). CEPOL is financed from the general budget of European Union. Working language is English. The supreme making-decisions body is the Governing Board. It meets four times in the year. Decisions are prepared and implemented in four committees and different working groups. In every Member State exists a national contact point that ensures a successful cooperation between CEPOL and the training institutions.

Office address:
European Police College
1066 Budapest
Ó Utca 27

Correspondence address:
European Police College
1903 Budapest
Pf. 314
Tel.: +36 1 803 8030/8031
Fax: +36 1 803 8032
E-Mail: secretariat@cepol.europa.eu
Web: www.cepol.europa.eu




Association of European Police Colleges AEPC  

To the Association of European Police College belong 48 police colleges from 42 European and European neighbouring countries. CEPA and AEPC agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in 1997, in order to achieve maximized coordination and cooperation in the field of police training. Jointly planned conferences and training activities facilitate mutual understanding and promote in the same time the efficiency of police cooperation.

Contact Address:
Mario Krebs
Sicherheitsakademie - Federal Ministry of the Interior
A-1010 Vienna
Herrengasse 7
Tel.: +43 1 53126 4852
Mobile: +43 664 282 7545
E-Mail: international.ausbildung@bmi.gv.at
Web: https://www.aepc.net/


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